Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern

The Meaning of Maggie by Megan Jean Sovern
Published by Chronicle Books LLC on May 6, 2014

Summary: "Eleven years old. The beginning of everything!

For Maggie Mayfield, turning eleven means she's one year closer to college. One year closer to voting. And one year closer to getting a tattoo. It's time for her to pull herself up by her bootstraps (the family motto) and think about more than after school snacks and why her older sisters are too hot for their own good. Because something mysterious is going on with her cool dude Dad, whose legs have permanently fallen asleep, and Maggie is going to find out exactly what the problem is and fix it. After all, nothing's impossible when you're future president of the United States of America, fifth-grade science fair champion, and a shareholder in Coca-Cola, right?"  -- From Goodreads

What I Loved:
Maggie.  I loved how she grew up over the course of the novel.  She started out as a kid, wanting to believe that everything was perfect in her own little world.  At the end, Maggie was starting to understand more about her Dad's disease and how it would affect her life.

Maggie's Dad's disease.  While I didn't love the disease itself, I loved the way that the author decided to portray the disease.  Her Dad is a person first, and the disease always comes second.  It's nice to know that a family can have a life and do normal things, even when one member cannot always be "normal".

What I disliked:
The Grandma.  The grandma coming for Christmas was a big deal in the book.  I really wish the author would have delved more into the backstory of the Dad and the Grandma.  While I know that would probably be a bit much for a middle-grade novel, it would have added a bit more to "Things Maggie Now Understands".

Overall, I think this is a novel that everyone will enjoy.

Disclosure: I borrowed a copy from my library.

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