Monday, November 28, 2016

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

I struggled with what I was going to say about this series.  I watched this series after the fact, but fell in love with Lorelai and Rory all the same.  I wanted to be cool and hip like Lorelai, and as smart & well-read as Rory.  

I thought Rory was going to be doing great things when we returned to her.  Instead, she's floundering.  We've seen her flounder before, but never to this extent.  She's 32, and seems like she's still living like she's 22.  Finally, Jess comes back and gives her the push she so desperately needs.  He's done that before, and I figure he'll always be there when she needs him.  So Rory sits down and writes a book, Gilmore Girls, based on growing up with her mother.

Cut to Lorelai.  We also see her floundering.  Sookie has gone off on a jaunty sabbatical that was supposed to only be 6 months.  6 months has turned into 2 years, and it doesn't look like she's coming back.  Lorelai is understanding as always, but desperately tries to expand the Dragonfly so that Michele doesn't leave her too.  Her father's death has also affected her in surprising ways.  One of the ways she tries to cope is by doing "Wild".  So Lorelai flies out to California, hoping to find peace and clarity on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Well, after finding her clarity behind a diner waiting for coffee, Lorelai rushes home to Luke, insisting that they get married.  Luke and Lorelai get married the night before their actual ceremony (of course).  It looks like everyone stays up all night, and so we end with Rory and Lorelai sitting on the gazebo.  And finally.... we get to hear Amy Sherman-Palladino's famous last four words.

Now I won't tell you what they are.  They're floating around cyberspace, so if you really want to be spoiled, I would go look them up.  

I was shocked.  Disappointed.  I really hope they continue the story.  I know they probably won't.  I truly hope that Rory will get her story published.  Life is funny that way.  We never end up where we expected to be, but always where we need to be.

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