Friday, April 10, 2015

Shelter in a Soldier's Arms by Susan Mallery

Shelter in a Soldier's Arms by Susan Mallery
Published by Silhouette on June 1, 2001

Summary: "When Jeff Ritter offered Ashley Churchill shelter, the struggling single mom longed to lean on his broad shoulders. And though she accepted a job as his housekeeper, Ashley was determined to make her own happiness, without the heartbreak of loving a man. No matter how tempting that man was....

It was Jeff's nature to protect, but his heart was off-limits -- even to the woman and child he came home to each night. For life had made Jeff a hardened soldier, not a man to love. And despite the hope he saw shining in Ashley's eyes, Jeff didn't dare dream she could truly be his."

I liked this book.  I felt it was a good romance, and I liked how it dealt with Jeff's PTSD.  Standard romance fare, but I truly enjoy Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold series much better.

Disclosure: I borrowed the book from my local library.

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