Thursday, August 25, 2016

Discussion: How I Use Google Calendar

I have one tool that helps me with keeping track of my editorial calendar.  It is Google Calendar!

I have used Google Calendar for several years now.  It was especially helpful when I was in graduate school.  I would put assignments in as events, and then have Google remind a week ahead and three days ahead of the due date.

But anyways, here is what my Google Calendar currently looks like:

This is for the month of August 2016.  I use a couple of different colors  Blue means a tentative post. The light blue means that it's a review and I have already drafted the post.  I usually do my review drafts when I create my Waiting on Wednesday posts.  That way I don't have do the same things twice.  Green means that the post has been drafted and is scheduled.

If I look ahead to November, this is what a month looks like for me before I start to fully plan a schedule.  I have all of my Wednesday posts planned out until December.  The book titles that I plan to read in November are currently listed on the Saturdays.  This helps me keep track of what I wanted to read and then I can just drag the titles around the month.  The pink color signifies that the title is an ARC I have access to via Edelweiss.  

I love Google Calendar.  I love how I can keep track of upcoming blog posts.  I am also not committed to anything either.  I can drag posts around to fit my upcoming week as needed.  

How do you keep yourself organized?
Let me know in the comments!

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