Friday, May 27, 2016

[May 2016] What I'm Watching

While packing and dealing with all of the other random stuff that comes with buying a house, the Boyfriend and I found another show.  We're currently binge watching this as much as we can.

I heard great things about this show when it first started, and I can say I have not been disappointed.  Of course, with anything that's Marvel related you are going to have violence.  I can say that this violence is not gratuitous.  It is mostly hand-to-hand combat which I appreciate, because each party has equal stake in the fight.  Daredevil is also not invincible.  For most of the first season he wore black pants and a black shirt, with no protective armor at all.  He definitely gets his fair share of cuts and bruises.

I can't wait to see where Netflix and Marvel are going to take this show in subsequent seasons!

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